7 Questions You Should to Know About Blurams Security Camera

7 Questions You Should to Know About Blurams Security Camera

Blurams has become a well-known brand for its range of security cameras. There are many safety kits for excellent value.

Blurams Security Camera is a home security camera that you can use both inside and outside. It's easy to set up and use this camera. It is designed to be used with a smartphone and provides you full control over your video recordings. But is it really? The best way for you to make up your own mind is to find out everything about Blurams Security Camera and see if this is the type of security camera that you need.

1.   Is it true that Blurams cameras are wireless?

Wi-Fi cameras, commonly known as wireless home security cameras, are powered by AC power and broadcast video over Wi-Fi.

A power cord will be required to connect it to an outlet.

A wireless camera isn't technically wire-free; it gets its moniker from the fact that it communicates to the internet through wireless technology (Wi-Fi).

If you are looking for a real wireless camera, the Blurams security camera can meet the needs.

Blurams not only has a camera that transmits data over a 2.4G wireless network, but also a camera that can be connected to a network cable through an Ethernet interface, both of which appear on the same camera.

Not only that, Blurams also has the latest real wireless camera-A11C, the Wireless and Wire free cameras.


Blurams Wire-Free Camera 2K - A11C

It is the latest wireless camera developed by Blurams, with a large 5200mAh battery built into it, which can be monitored continuously for 3 months.

At the same time, it is equipped with a solar panel with the latest technology, which is not only energy-saving and environmentally friendly, but also can constantly recharge your wireless security camera and extend its battery life.

It should be noted that all Blurams cameras only support 2.4GHZ wireless networks, so you need to be careful when connecting to the network.

2.   Is Blurams app free?

The Blurams app is a Wi-Fi video camera for home surveillance that you can effortlessly set up on your smartphone. You may access your live video stream from anywhere with Blurams camera by downloading the free Blurams app on your phone.


Features of the APP:

1.Audio and a two-way dialogue

2.Activity was detected due to motion.

3.HD video is a high-definition video.

  1. To see additional details of the room, use your phone to pan, spin, and zoom.
  2. Facial recognition refers to the ability to recognize someone's face.


Blurams App can be downloaded for free; you can download it for free at Apple Store or Google Play, and install it on your phone and tablet.

The download address is Blurams App: https://www.blurams.com/pages/app. After entering the Blurams APP download page, select the operating system corresponding to your phone, and click to go directly to the download page.

If you use PC to log in, there is no suitable App, you need to log in through the web page, the Blurams login link is: https://client.blurams.com/login, click here to log in immediately. It is important to note that each ID can log in to a maximum of 4 Blurams at the same time.


Blurams App is not only free to download, but it is also completely free to use. Although you can choose free cloud storage, there is also an option to pay for it. With free cloud storage, you have very few features, and your Blurams camera can make the most of it only by using the subscription service recommended by Blurams.

Of course, if you don't want to use the subscription service, you can also buy SD card, which is entirely up to you, and no one will force you.

3.   Who is Blurams? 

Blurams is committed to offer the best and most intelligent home security system available. Blurams camera, for example, can connect to Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple Siri, and the IFTTT automation service to connect all of your smart devices. As a consequence, all our customers have to do is set a few instructions in the Blurams App and the devices will do the rest.


Blurams is a leading manufacturer of smart home security cameras, video doorbells, and indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi cameras. Our cutting-edge technology protects your house and family with our smart cloud camera system. Blurams smart home solutions make life easier and wiser.

4.   Does Blurams require subscription?

The Standard plan for one camera costs $4.99 per month or $49 per year (a $20 savings) and includes seven days of video history, one-hour clips, facial recognition, 24/7 recording, and video sharing..

 Blurams Cloud

Different Blurams cloud packages, in addition to the price is different, more is the content of the service is different.

Package of $59/year, including 15-Day Continuous Recording.

And 3h clip storage; $149/year package, including 30-Day Continuous Recording and 5h clip storage.

You need to buy the corresponding package according to your actual needs.

Finally, I have to say again that even if you don't buy any packages, you can use Blurams App to control your security camera, but with fewer features.

5.   How do I reset my Blurams camera?   

Hold down the RESET button until the device's indicator light changes to a blinking red light or a beep is heard. Return to the Blurams APP after the connection is established to see the Wi-Fi list that the device has scanned.

6.   Can I view video files on SD card?  

Please plug the SD card into your computer's SD card port or use an SD card converter. If you're using it, please connect the SD card adapter to a USB port on your computer.

For users of Windows:

Depending on your computer's settings, a dialog box may appear. If no dialog box appears, launch Windows File Explorer and locate and select the SD card on the left side of the window.

For users of Mac:

If you're using the SD card for the first time on a Mac, the needed driver software will be installed immediately. A device icon will appear on your Mac's display. To activate the symbol, double-click it. You may also launch the Finder window by choosing the SD card icon under Devices and clicking "Finder." The information will be viewed in a separate window.


What if the videos you've recorded don't have any sound?

The audio compression standard used in the recorded video is G.711.

Because some players, such as Windows Media Player, do not support the codec, the video can only be played without sound on Windows.

Please use a player on Windows that supports the G.711 codec, such as VLC. It can also be properly played on iOS.

Please use an Android player that also supports the G.711 codec.

What happens if the video recordings aren't playable?

Once the SD card has been formatted with the Tapo program, it will be automatically divided into several MP4 files, with each folder labeled xxxxxxxx 000000 tp00001.mp4, xxxxxxxx 000000 tp00002.mp4, and so on.

There are no recordings in these MP4 files, thus they can't be played or opened. These files are kept in reserve until the following one is completed. The files will be overwritten one by one once the actual video recordings are made.

7.   What SD card should I get for video?

Picking the right SD card for your security camera is tricky — there are so many products on the market, and each has its own distinct selling point. It can be hard to find relevant information from blogs or review sites as there are just too many people out who say “you need this SD card”. Some may be legitimate; however, most merely regurgitate vendor material. I've worked in the field with public and private security cameras, wireless surveillance equipment in places like casinos and airports, as well as more consumer-focused Wi-Fi monitoring units, so I think it's time to answer the question: what SD card should I get for video?

When it comes to selecting the best SD card for your Blurams security camera, there are a few factors to think about. When making your decision, you should look for an SD card that is reliable and durable as well as fast (both read and write speed). The card should also be able to handle 4K video quality and have a solid build so that it won't break easily. Finally, ensure that the SD card has sufficient storage capacity for all of your recordings.


What aspects should you consider before purchasing an SD memory card for your indoor/outdoor security camera? I'll look at features, read and write performance, and dependability, among other things. What type of SD card is required for 4K video?


For most photographers, the best SD cards for 4K video capturing are: dependable and long-lasting.

You want a SD card that can handle the power of your camera, the stability of your footage, and the size of your video files. You need a reliable and durable SD card that will last for years, no matter what conditions you put it through.

A reliable SD card will be able to withstand the high demands of 4K video without breaking down.

Fast (both read and write speed)

The best SD cards will be able to write data at a rate of over 100 MB/s. This means that you will be able to record 4K video without having to wait too long for each shot.

2K video quality

Why do I recommend 2K HD resolution video instead of 4K? Because the average home camera 2K resolution is clear enough, and the video recording will not be stuttered due to the problem of Internet speed. 4K resolution video camera is too expensive, 2K is the most cost-effective choice.

Solid build (minimal breakages)

You need a SD card which has a solid build with minimal breakages, so you won't have to worry about having to replace it any time soon.


You will also want enough storage space on your SD card so that you won't have to worry about running out while shooting footage or taking photos in the field. Blurams security camera can use up to 128GB SD card, so you can buy a SD card under 128GB.

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