7 Reasons Why You Have to Use Blurams Cloud Service

7 Reasons Why You Have to Use Blurams Cloud Service

If you already have one or two Blurams Cams or Doorbells for your smart home, you might probably be familiar with Blurams Cloud service, a paid subscription service you can sign up for to enhance its functionality.

So what do you get with Blurams Cloud subscription, and is it worth paying the recurring costs?

Blurams Cloud

What is Blurams Cloud?

How much does Blurams Cloud cost?

No Hidden Fees, Plain and Clear

Most Reliable Security Camera Cloud System

Ensure Your Video Footage Safety

Unlock More Powerful Features

Over 24000 subscription!

What is Blurams Cloud?

The primary advantage of Blurams Cloud is to extend recording history.

By default, Blurams cameras and doorbells can only playback 24-hour continuous loop recording with 12-second event recordings, an ''event'' being a short clip triggered by sound, motion, human shape or face.

The default situation would be fine enough if you're awake and can check your phone from time to time, but not for tracking incidents 24 hours ago, let alone while you're travelling in other state.

Under these circumstances, longer recording history time allows you not to miss any significant events that happened in your house.

The standard Blurams Cloud subscription extends continuous recording history up to 15 days. And the premium plan stretches this out to 30-day continuous recording.

Just note that not all Blurams cameras support continuous recording.

All battery-powered products can only provide event recordings, which can be ungraded to 15 days or 60 days with Cloud plans.

The next biggest benefit is facial recognition function.

Subscribing to Blurams Cloud allows the cameras to recognize individual friends and family. You can name them on photo album of Blurams App.

So instead of getting a push notification saying ''someone'' appears, you'll be told if it's, say, Jesse, Mila, Chloe.

Blurams Cloud also makes it possible to get a push notification attached with a person's face detected by camera.

For instance, you don't have to unlock the phone to see the live steaming in the Blurams App to know who is in your property.

The rich notification with person's face is a great way to let you know faster and you can activate siren or request a phone call with a simple click!

Another feature coming with facial recognition function is that you will have an option to turn on/off familiar face notification.

When turning it off, you won't be frequently notified when the cameras detect your labeled family members, friends, neighbor and so on.

Therefore, you can better focus on the strangers and unacquainted people.

How much does Blurams Cloud cost?

Once you set up a compatible device in Blurams App, the cameras/doorbells will be offered a free trial of 7-day continuous recording.

During this period, you can use and enjoy Blurams Cloud for free, without any charges.

At present, Blurams Cloud subscription offers multiple video recording history packages, including 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days, 60 days.

Also, you can choose to pay monthly or yearly, flexible for users to select.

Check The Price: 

  • 3-day continuous recording: $1.99/month
  • 7-day continuous recording: $4.99/month, $49.00/year
  • 15-day continuous/event recording: $5.99/month, $59.00/year
  • 30-day continuous recording: $14.99/month, $149/year
  • 60-day event recording: $8.99/month, $89.90/year

*Continuous recording means the camera records throughout the day. And for event recording the camera only records events triggered by motion, sound, pet, or human body and will not record 24/7.

Assuming you want to be a permanent subscriber, yearly payment will save you 30% off. And it's worth noting that one Cloud package (mentioned above) is only valid to one device.

However, Blurams Cloud also prepares special plans that allow 5 or 10 cameras/doorbells use the same Cloud package, which is super nice for those multi-device owners.

3.No Hidden Fees, Plain and Clear

By default, the cameras/doorbells can record only 24-hour video history.

You can always go back to check the yesterday video footage. And this is for free without charging any extra fees.

However if you subscribe the Cloud plan and later don't feel need it anymore, you can cancel the subscription in the App right away. The cancellation is easy breeze!

There's no any hidden fees or random charges by Blurams Cloud.

All in all, the Blurams Cloud is here to protect your video footage while the cameras guard your home safe.

4.Most Reliable Security Camera Cloud System 

Is the Blurams Cloud system stable?

Chances the uploaded video footage might disappear?

Couldn't view the video history before?

These are common questions that may be brought by Cloud system.

But Blurams Cloud has been improving its system steadily to a better level.

Now the systems are globally-distributed, covering over 30 countries with more than 10 data centers, and 50+ regional nodes.

There are groups of professional people update the system everyday, optimize its function and repair system vulnerability when happens.

Lots of Blurams camera's models also support SD card storage, since some users are used to using SD cards.

But if you think closer, using the Blurams Cloud to store the video footage is rather safer and reassuring. When the videos are uploaded to the Cloud system, they are cut into several small files and are safely encrypted.

Besides, your personal data will only be processed within the intranet, much safer and more secure. On the contrary, the SD card can be easily stolen and your privacy is not longer just for your eyes only.

5.Ensure Your Video Footage Safety

You no longer have to worry about the Cloud system possibly getting hacked or your video footage being stolen by malicious people.

Based on Amazon AWS cloud service, an non-open source system, Blurams has local computer rooms deployed in the world and the data is stored locally.

Adopt bank-level AES256 security encryption technology with five security protection guarantees (terminal device security enhancement, data transmission, cloud storage, operator-level computer room management and global security certification.), therefore the system is too strong to be broken in.

Lots of Blurams camera's models also support SD card storage, since some users prefer to use SD cards.

But if you think closer, using the Blurams Cloud to store the video footage is rather safer and reassuring, the uploaded videos are cut into several small files and are safely encrypted and your personal data will only be processed within the intranet, much safer and secure.

On the contrary, the SD card can be easily stolen and your privacy is not longer just for your eyes only.

6.Unlock More Powerful Features

Other than the 2 major advantages that have been introduced at the beginning of this passage, there are some additional useful functions coming with the Blurams Cloud plan.

Firstly, you can add video clips into the "Favorites" folder where your video clips will be stored permanently without taking any memory of your mobile phone. This storage method is tremendously helpful when your phone's running out of its capacity.

Besides, the clips are well sorted according to different devices, so you'll be able to find the specific video clip immediately.

Secondly, sharing the video clips you like within seconds!

The cameras have already captured the funny, interesting and loved moment of your family members or furry friends, then all you have to do is a simple click to share the video clips via social media with your friends and loved ones.

7.Over 24000 subscription!

At present, there are more than 115000 users are using a 7-day loop recording package which is free for every newly-registered user.

And 20% of those new users decided to subscribe to Blurams Cloud package after the free trial, which is about 24000+.

What's more, every month Blurams Cloud will get 2000+ new subscriptions (refer to the new paid users who have not paid before).

Check subscribers' comments about Blurams Cloud:


Should You Pay for Blurams Cloud?

Possibly, and you can start by thinking about these 2 aspects:

The first is the requirement for comprehensive home security.

If you stay at home all the time and live in a peaceful neighborhood, one camera or two might probably be enough to check who is at your door or keep an eye on your pets. You might easily get by with the free 24-hour 12s event recording.

However, if you're regularly away from home and/or your neighborhood is turbulent, extended continuous video recording and facial recognition start to matter. However, it’s better to catch intruders in the spot anyway.

The other one is to stay connected with family members and save endless cherished moments.

Record comic activities of your pets, catch your kid sneaking snacks, or see how is the elderly doing, etc. and if they are the moments you want to share, Blurams Cloud is already here to make it happen.

Maybe you can use these video clips to make a personal documentary or for your family. Isn't it a brilliant idea?

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    Can the “free 24-hour 12s event recording.” offering do or made-to-do Facial Recognition ?
    I’d like to ‘try-out’ FR in order to see ‘how-it-works’ & ‘if it’s right for me .
    Are there “examples” with pictures or videos of FR in action ?
    Please email if any .

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