Blurams Outdoor Cam 3MP - A20

Blurams Outdoor Cam 3MP - A20

Blurams Launches New Security Outdoor Camera 2K with Color Night Vision

The global intelligent video solution provider introduces the best overall home camera to keep your home safe and technologically accessible for every family.

Albany, October 20, 2021 – Today, Blurams, the global leading intelligent video solution provider, announced the release of the Blurams Outdoor Camera 2K – a smart AI home device for every family. The excellent AI facial recognition features 2K resolution and built-in spotlights for super clear and colorful images day and night.

Blurams Outdoor Cam 3MP - A20

"Many homeowners and business owners want to protect the safety of their property, so we developed the Blurams Outdoor Camera with 2K image quality and color night vision, which can be used by users both day and night without missing any detail," said Alex, CEO of Blurams. "Human detection triggers notifications that are instantly pushed to the user's smartphone to alert them of any suspicious activity, allowing them to deter any intruders using the built-in two-way audio and real-time intercom. Even if the user is not at home, the property can be safe and secure."

The camera has an IP66 waterproof rating, so even in stormy weather, the camera is still fully functional, and can withstand temperatures as high as 60°C and as low as -20°C. The network port can be directly connected to your broadband for enhanced connection but also works through a nearby Wi-Fi connection.

 Blurams Outdoor Cam 3MP - A20

"We understand that users attach great importance to the privacy and security of cameras, so if users choose to use our cloud services, we can reassure all users that all video recordings are stored on the local highly secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) with cloud data encryption," said Valentine, Heads of Product Manager of Blurams. "This way users don’t have to worry about loss of data or footage even if the camera or SD Card is stolen. Our large R&D team continuously works to optimize the cloud and bring users the best possible experience. "

Users can quickly browse recorded events at multiple speeds, and different events are distinguished by different color timelines, which greatly saves users' time and facilitates quick browsing. The Blurams App will store videos recorded throughout the day after the user subscribes to the cloud service, with the monthly fee for the cloud service starting as low as $1.99. Most other brands on the market will only start recording when an event is triggered and will miss the crucial footage leading up to and following the event.


Through the facial recognition function of Blurams Cloud Camera System, parents can capture videos of their baby that will be automatically classified into the baby's album for easy browsing or sharing with family members. The baby's unique album allows parents to not miss any significant moments or milestones in the crucial development stage of their child’s life. There are up to 16 spaces for naming and storing family members’ or friends’ faces, and users can view video clips of each person in each of their own albums separately.

Key Features of Blurams Outdoor Cam 3MP - A20 Included:

  • 2K Resolution, 104° Wide Angle & Color Night Vision: See clearly both day and night without missing any detail
  • IP66 Waterproof Rating & Weather Resistance: works even in stormy weather and up to 60°C and as low as -20°C
  • AI Facial Recognition: create an exclusive album for your family members, quickly view or share their video clips
  • Two-Way Audio: allows people to talk with their family through hands-free calling or send voice commands to the pet
  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri & IFTTT: users can control the security camera with a simple voice command
  • Multi-Camera Viewing: allows people to access four security cameras simultaneously on one screen in the App
  • Human/Sound/Motion Detection and Siren Alarm
  • Privacy Protection: users can choose a zone as a privacy area, the camera will blur it entirely to protect people's privacy
  • Easy to Use: App pairs with Apple Watch, iPhone and Android smartphone
  • One-month cloud service trial including AI facial recognition function for every new device

Pricing and Availability of Blurams Outdoor Cam 3MP - A20:

The Blurams Security Camera 2K is now available for $69.99 on Amazon US. And eligible for a 30% discount in the first week of its release, by using the special code BLURAMSCAM on

Purchase link:

About Blurams:

Blurams is a leading, international provider of advanced, intelligent imaging technologies, products, services and platforms. It advocates technological innovation and product experience, and has built advantages on end-to-end integrated solutions in image processing, computer vision and cloud computing, etc. Blurams' competitive indoor and outdoor security cameras have been provided to enterprises and consumers globally with its determination for a smart future and carefree life.

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