Exploring a Proper Blurams Camera Review for Your Benefit

Exploring a Proper Blurams Camera Review for Your Benefit

If you are looking forward to buying a Blurams camera, then there are so many options to choose and considerations for you to think about. Different Bluram cameras come with different features and specifications that you should know about before getting a specific security camera model.

In case you want to get a Blurams camera review, then you are at the right place. Here you will get to know the review of a popular Blurams camera model: Blurams Outdoor Pro. Once you explore all of its features and specifications, then you will know this is one of the best security camera models that are available on the market.

Features of Blurams Outdoor Pro

This is an affordable and amazing security camera that is water-resistant that comes with a 1080p video resolution feature. Not to mention, it also has other features and specifications such as interoperability face recognition, colour-based video storage, voice control, etc.

It is a water resistance camera

This pill-shaped security camera comes with a glossy black facing along with IP65 weather resistance features. Hence, if you want, then you can install this security camera outside in open areas. This will work just fine during the harsh weather of monsoon. It also has an arm and mounting base that offers swivel and tilt adjustments as and when needed.

Tools and accessories

Once you buy Blerams Outdoor Pro, then you are supposed to get a USB power adapter and USB cable with it. On the other hand, there is to be a microSD card slot just behind the rubber gasket at the back of the camera. On top of that, a reset button is also there besides the microSD card slot.

The camera quality

The camera quality of this device is known to be immense and utmost. It is there to capture video at a resolution of 1080p. Moreover, it also comes with a 129-degree field of view along with 4X digital zoom. On the other hand, it also supports motion detection and sound detection feature in the best way possible. This security camera is likely to use two separate LEDs for the black and white night vision. Moreover, it also has a speaker and microphone for the two-way audio. It also comes with a 110dB siren and white strobe light. Its connectivity comes with embedded 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi radio.

Blurams Outdoor Pro is to record videos and send push notifications for every sound and motion event. This camera can either store the recorded video on a microSD card or locally, whichever option you prefer. On the other hand, you also get to see a 12-second video clip that is stored in the cloud for 24 long hours.

To have more space to record all the recorded videos, you have the option to go for the Blurams cloud storage plan. There are 3 plans such as standard, medium, and premium plans that you can consider going for.


Like other best security cameras, Blucam Outdoor Pro is compatible to run on Google Assistant voice commands, Siri voice commands, and Amazon Alexa. Not to mention, it is also there to run on other smart devices for your convenience and benefits.

It is also possible for you to access this camera through a mobile app or web portal. This makes it easy and efficient for you to access the camera to know what is happening at your home. The app on your smartphone comes with various settings and functions that let you handle the camera swiftly. This Blurams camera review will be effective for you.

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