Outdoor Camera



    Smart Outdoor Camera

    Blurams outdoor security cameras can be mounted almost anywhere around your house by yourself. Power up the camera and connect it to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable, your camera is ready to go! Wi-Fi security camera provides 24/7 nonstop monitoring to your property, you can check live video anywhere and be informed as soon as there are strangers breaking into your yard. IP66 weatherproof rating makes sure the outdoor camera perform best in the harsh weathers.

    Smart Outdoor Camera
    Best Outdoor Security Camera System
    Best Outdoor Security Camera System

    An outdoor security camera is the most cost-effective way to keep an eye on your house and prevent unwanted crimes. Designed to be installed easily and offer stable network connection, Blurams outdoor security cameras have 360° coverage to monitor your house. With other features like 2-way audio, siren & flashing alarm, you can say hi to you neighbour or warn off any foes.

    AI Surveillance Camera

    Compared with traditional video cameras, AI security cameras are able to inform users of specific events, and care for the people who matter most to you.
    Blurams offers world's best AI outdoor security camera that has human detection, package, motion & sound detection, facial recognition, etc. The cameras will push notifications with a specific event to your phone and automatically filter trivial things. Hence, you'll only receive important alerts.

    AI Surveillance Camera
    Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras
    Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras

    Wireless outdoor cameras are powered by either power outlets or batteries. Hence, they can be easily installed in every corner outside your house. Blurams outdoor security cameras feature 2 network connection ways, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. 3MP 2K super HD, IP66 weatherproof, you can watch your house via your phone/tablet even when you're away. The camera will be your second eye, record every movement and person to keep your home secure.

    IP66 Weatherproof

    Rugged housing with waterproof design, no fear of downpours or storms, Blurams wireless outdoor security cameras are ready to brave all harsh weathers.

    360° Coverage & No Blind Zone

    Pan & tilt design, rotate your outdoor video camera up and down to see every corner outside your house. You can easily zoom in to view more details with one single camera.

    Color Night Vision

    24/7 peace of mind even at night, Blurams outdoor home security cameras with starlight sensor or high-brightness spotlights offers you brilliant night vision, easy to distinguish person, vehicle & other details even in low light conditions.

    Siren & Flashing Light

    Activate loud siren, up to 110dB and bright flashing lights to scare the suspicious strangers away, and you can also remotely ward off any unwanted visitors with 2-way audio feature.

    3MP/2K Video Monitoring

    Blurams best outdoor security cameras allow you to watch and record clear, crisp images and videos. With wider field of view, you can see larger area of your front door or backyard.

    Human/Package/Sound Detection

    Adopting advanced AI algorithm, the outdoor WiFi camera can identify human shapes, packages & sound among other objects and will send you real-time notifications. No subscription or hidden fees!

    Auto Motion Tracking

    After detecting people or pets, the outdoor surveillance cameras will automatically follow their motions to record the full event. See what your loved ones are up to easily.

    Stable Network Connection

    Blurams provides the world's best wireless outdoor security camera, with high-gain antenna to realize long-distance signal transmission. Also, the camera can connect with Ethernet cable to gain stabler and better network connection.