About Us

Blurams Story

Founded in 2018, Blurams is an energetic company focusing on software technology and security camera quality.
We design products and experiences that aim to lead our consumers to live a carefree life.
When we got started, we achieved huge success as a B2C and SaaS company to offer platform solutions for other company brands.

Later, we've noticed that many users are becoming upset because they receive too many phone push notifications while using the CCTV camera.

To solve this tricky problem, Blurams spares no effort to develop a software function- "Facial Recognition" to reduce the phone's push notifications of trivial things.
And we're proud to say that our facial recognition technology is cutting-edge in the security camera industry.

Also, when the security camera system successfully identifies a person's face, it will auto play specific voice message for that person.

Beyond that, it can work with the IFTTT automation tool to automatically turn the light on, make coffee, turn the indoor security camera off and more.

Despite all the pragmatic functions above, Blurams hasn't been satisfied and never ceases to continue creating and innovating. In the near future, we'll prepare for functions like detecting pets, packages, vehicles, smokes, baby crying, etc.

Life's getting smarter and simpler with Blurams smart home solutions.

Who We Are?

Headquartered in Hangzhou, with R&D and branch offices in Chongqing and Shenzhen where our engineers, designers, and manufacturing experts collaborate closely throughout development and testing. Blurams is known for its tenacious pursuit of perfection and innovation to produce better-quality indoor security cameras, outdoor security cameras and smart video doorbells.

🏛 The Best Home Protection System

Blurams is dedicated to providing the best and the smartest home protection system. For example, Blurams camera can work with Google Assistant, Alexa, Apple Siri and IFTTT automation tool to unite all your intelligent devices together. Hence, our users only need to set a few commands in the Blurams App to get things done by the devices themselves.

🌎User Privacy Protection

Blurams is vigilant about your privacy and has developed safe and secure cloud storage. Based on the Amazon AWS cloud service, we have local computer rooms deployed around the world and the data is stored locally.
Adopt bank-level AES256 security encryption technology with five security protection guarantees (terminal device security enhancement, data transmission, cloud storage, operator-level computer room management and global security certification.) to ensure that Blurams cloud storage is too strong to be broken.
And our users' data cannot be easily hacked. All data flowing across the AWS global network that interconnects our datacenters and regions is automatically encrypted at the physical layer before it leaves our secured facilities. Additional encryption layers exist as well.

💙More Serviceable Functions

Blurams will continue to upgrade present software, perfect the existing products, develop more serviceable functions including detecting pets, packages, vehicles, smokes, baby crying, etc.



Why Smart Home Security Cameras?

The reason is quite simple and plain.
One of Blurams founders found it hard to keep in touch with his aged parents since his parents are not fans of any electronic devices and he was too busy with his job to visit his parents regularly, but he wished to know how were his parents doing. Furthermore, he wanted to get an instant notification when there was something happened in his parents' house. It was at this moment that he had realized that a smart home security camera can do a great difference. Hence, Blurams starts producing CCTV cameras and smart video doorbells are that we want to let those who are away from home know what's going on in their house timely and instantly.
Blurams is here to give you peace of mind, and you needn't worry about your house anymore when you are traveling, going on a business trip, etc.
Blurams IP cameras connect you and your loved ones no matter where you are and you can watch live streaming video of your house, furry friends and kids anytime you like. All in all, Blurams hopes to see every household secure and every house owner has the ability to take the quickest action when something goes wrong in their house.

Why Blurams?

Blurams core value is to become a smart home security brand that ensures the indoors and outdoors of your home are safe and secure. To achieve this, we have already produced multiple security camera series like Pro series, Lite series and Wire-Free series. Blurams cameras and doorbells are all of the good quality while affordable.  

2K High Resolution

Enjoy flawless videos in 2K, much clearer than 1080p. All you can see is high-definition live streaming and playback videos. Blurams has its trump card, which is unparalleled software applications.

IP66 Waterproof

IP66 waterproof and weatherproof, eco-friendly material and many other brilliant features make our security camera and video doorbells well-liked by users all around the world.  

Unlimited Cloud Capacity

Install the camera and it will see, hear and record everything for you. With unlimited cloud capacity, you can freely search for past videos and use them as evidence when needed.

High-performance App Functions

Facial Recognition Album, Optional Push Notifications, Privacy Zone, Automatic Voice Message and more. Blurams users love these App features, so we design them and perfect them. 

What are the benefits of using our products?

Our consumers are our design inspiration source, and that's why Blurams can accurately design the products that our users need and help them solve their problems. Convenient and simple, Blurams cameras bring you peace of mind by connecting and protecting what you care most.

You will get an instant push notification when the camera detects motions; and view live streaming via Blurams App to check who is at your door, who sneaks into your house, or who steals your belongings when you are not home; warn off strangers; say hello to your furry buddy and see if your kids get home on time.

Blurams cameras upgrade your life to a simpler way and make communication become real-time with no time delay.

Our Culture and Vision

Vision: Blurams was born with a vision to protect the things and people that matter most to you. More than that, Blurams makes it possible for you to save and share your common but cherished moments of you and your family & pets via social media.

Culture: Creation, Innovation, Revolution

Please feel free to contact us:

Email: support@blurams.com

Company Name: Hangzhou Vision Insight Technology Ltd

Company Address: Room 203 South, 2/F, Building 5, No. 90, Wen San Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province