Latest Outdoor Battery Security Camera with Solar Panel

Latest Outdoor Battery Security Camera with Solar Panel-A11C

Introducing the Blurams A11C battery powered security camera, completely wire-free and super simple to use. No subscription fees are required, its total plug and play. The 2K HD day time image and Night vision image is clear with crisp details (our pictures don't do it justice).

You can monitor your property anywhere securely using the Blurams app on your smartphone or tablet. What's more, if you have a Pixel phone or a recent Samsung phone, you can get instant notifications of what's happening with motion detection notifications directly sent to your smartphone or tablet.

Motion detection tracking is top notch and really works, it's not just a gimmick! We've noticed that many other cheap wireless cameras don't automatically turn on at night so you've got no chance of catching anything unless someone pokes their head in front of it first. Not good for real peace of mind security.

But with the Blurams A11C outdoor solar panel security camera, you can rest assured that someone will be recorded even if they come late at night when there is no light from the sun. This works as long as there is at least some light from street lights or traffic and gives you peace of mind on every corner of your property.

Section 1: Install outdoor security camera in the garage, front porch or anywhere else you want with ease.

If you have had trouble installing security cameras in remote locations, then the latest security camera from Solar Battery will end your headache.

It is easy to install, has great video quality and comes with a wireless solar panel to charge the battery bank. This surveillance HD camera contains a built-in rechargeable battery and features a compact design, wide angle lens and night vision, helping you take full control at any time, day and night.

Sometimes a security system only helps to deter thieves, rather than stopping them. If a would-be burglar knows that an alarm is likely to go off when they mess with your door or windows, they might choose to target an area where there's no such protection.

 That's where an outdoor security camera comes in. A motion-activated security camera can help you see what's going on outside your home, giving you a way to figure out if you've got a legitimate problem or if it's just the neighbor's dog getting into the trash again.

Whether you want to watch your garden, the front of the house, an entranceway, or anything else which needs extra security, the camera is perfect for keeping an eye on things.

Section 2: Capture clear 2K HD video and night vision up to 16ft. You can get a live view and cloud storage 24/7 without paying any monthly fees.

The latest outdoor battery security camera with solar panel allows you to capture crystal-clear 2K HD video and night vision up to 16ft. You can get a live view, seven days cloud storage 24/7 without paying any monthly fees. What's more, it features a weatherproof enclosure and is suited for use indoors or outdoors.

Section 3: True Wire-free & Battery Powered IP66 Weatherproof, Smart Human & PIR Detection, Siren & Flashing Alarm, Completely wire-free design with no wiring clutter. 

The security camera is truly wire-free and it can be installed in the most hassle-free way. There's no need to screw in a mount on the wall or drill holes into your doorways, just pick up the camera and place it in a suitable position to give you a clear view of what's happening inside or outside of your home. The sleek single body design not only allows you to place the device in an optimum position for monitoring, but also cuts down on webcam positioning time!

The latest outdoor security camera from Blurams allows you to view your property and capture photos or video via a smartphone app, without any wires. The weatherproof and durable design ensure that you can use the camera outdoors in any weather conditions meaning that you can get great protection for your home and family.

Introducing the most sophisticated, high-quality wire-free security camera on the market today. This is a professional camera built with the highest quality standards, and it's a breeze to set up. What we've got here is an immaculately-designed surveillance device that lets you view your home or business – from anywhere – via smartphone or tablet. With its 170-degree wide angle HD lens, this camera lets you see what's happening as clearly as if you were standing right there!

Section 4: The A11C Camera is equipped with an innovative solar panel that collects energy from the sun and charges the battery throughout the day. The camera’s 5200mAh rechargeable battery enables the security camera to run for up to 6 months without sunlight! The solar panel is optional!

This camera comes with an integrated solar panel which captures solar energy and saves it in an internal rechargeable battery. When fully charged, this camera can run for several days without sunlight.

Use our solar panel for rechargeable batteries or use the USB to AC converter to plug into any electric outlet when you run out of battery. You can access it at anytime using the mobile app that you can download from Apple Appstore or Google Play. This app will show you the live view and 7 days of recorded videos.

Wireless outdoor battery security cameras are popular for their ease of installation. But what if one day you need to change the location of your camera? Or you have a fixed power supply and don't have access to an outlet?

With the Solar powered outdoor wireless home surveillance camera, you give yourself these options. It has a built-in 5200 Mah rechargeable battery. Plus an optional solar panel that collects energy from the sun and can charge the battery throughout the day or during cloudy days.

Up until now, if you wanted a security camera to keep your home or business safe, you had to slap it on a wall and hope for the best. You couldn't move it around freely because of power cables, and you definitely couldn't leave it in a shady spot. This outdoor battery security camera with solar panel changes all that, making security cameras flexible, portable, and even free of charge.


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