Blurams App Control,
You See Everything Within Seconds

Open Blurams camera App allows you to see playback videos, chat with your family, and share your favorite moments. Keep in touch with your loved ones wherever you are.

Watch Now
Distance Is Not A Problem

With Blurams App, you can watch live streaming of your home and save videos on your phone, tablet or PC.

Flexible to Store Videos

24/7 video continuous recording can be stored in Blurams cloud or in the SD card. Enhanced security protection, your private information is safe with Blurams App

Explore More Functions

Smart Home Ideas
Work with Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa and IFTTT, Blurams App connect all your smart devices together to make your life more efficient and simpler!
Keep Dangers Away
One touch to activate the siren with Blurams App to scare suspicious people away, keep your home safer.
Record Your Best Moment
Facial recognition technology makes you easily to find one person's all videos at different times with Blurams App's help.

360° All Extraordinary Build
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Protect your home no matter on rainy days,
extreme cold or hot weather

Guard Every Corner
of Your House
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Compact body offers you more flexibility
to install the camera