Blurams Launches the World’s First AI Facial Recognition Outdoor Security Camera in the U.S

 blurams Launches the World’s First AI Facial Recognition Outdoor Security Camera in the U.S


The global intelligent video solution provider introduces its vital product – innovative, intelligent and safety security camera, accessible for every family


San Francisco, November 19th, 2019 - blurams, the global leading intelligent video solution provider, today announced blurams Outdoor Pro Security Camera-1080p – a smart AI home device for every family. The excellent AI facial recognition features an intelligent system and works with Alexa to let you live carefree and use it easily.


“There are a lot of security cameras in the market, but we are more concerned about how to improve the comfort of people and serve customers more efficiently and intelligently, so we launched the blurams Outdoor Pro Security Camera,” said Domingo Deng, Co-Founder and CEO of blurams. “Blurams Cloud can be integrated with AI algorithms for different faces’ recognition, so people can name their families in our app to receive specific notifications with pictures and names of any of their families. ”


About the AI face detection and recognition, blurams Cloud can achieve the real-time detection and analysis response at the millisecond level of face detection, facial image cropped, quality assessment of facial images, face alignment and face recognition, face cluster and other functions in the video stream can be realized, which enables the face recognition technology to realize fast processing in the non-cooperative mode in the actual scene and can be widely used in the family, shop and other scenes. Based on the structural analysis of video stream data, it can enable users to view valuable content information more quickly in massive video data. Secure all your blurams camera’s recordings with blurams Cloud, using financial-industry level encryption which means the safest storage solution.


Blurams offers the blurams Cloud subscription plan to all users, buy cloud storage will be able to get free AI facial recognition. And new users who purchase blurams cameras, which means a free one-month cloud storage trial and a one-month AI facial recognition function.


Key features included:

  • 1080p full HD, 129° FOV live stream and starlight night vision
  • AI Facial Recognition: up to sixteen people can be named in the App, and lets people know if their family member is back home or if there is a stranger
  • Person Alerts: get alerts if someone is outside your home, whether they're delivering a package or trying to break in
  • Two-Way Audio: allows people to talk with their family through hands-free calling or send voice command to the pet
  • Works with Alexa: user can control the security camera with a simple voice command
  • Siren & Strobe Light: through sound and light active defense measures, effective deterrence and intimidation of the invasion of strangers
  • Weather Resistant: on guard 24/7, weather resistance and IP65 rating to stand the rain or shine, hot or cold
  • Easy to use: App pairs with Apple Watch, iPhone and Android smartphone
  • Buy cloud storage will be able to get free AI facial recognition, and one-month free cloud service and a one-month AI facial recognition function for new user


Pricing and availability:

The blurams Outdoor Pro Security Camera 1080p is now available for $78.99 on Amazon. Only in the first three days, the camera can be purchased with a 20% discount by using a special code AIOUTDOORPRO on Amazon.


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About blurams:

Blurams is a leading, international provider of advanced, intelligent imaging technologies, products, services and platforms. It advocates technological innovation and product experience, and has built the advantages on end-to-end integrated solutions in image processing, computer vision and cloud computing, etc. Blurams' competitive solutions, products and services have been provided to enterprises and consumers globally with its determination for the smart future and carefree life.

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