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Non-cooperative face detection and recognition

The real-time detection and analysis response at the millisecond level of face detection, facial image cropped, quality assessment of facial images, face alignment and face recognition, face cluster and other functions in the video stream can be realized, which enables the face recognition technology to realize fast processing in the non-cooperative mode in the actual scene and can be widely used in the family, shop and other scenes.

Video timelapse & highlights

The structural analysis of video stream data, combined with object recognition, feature extraction, face attribute analysis and other technologies, enables users to view valuable content information more quickly in massive video data.

Video data analysis

Identify the position and number of pedestrians in the video stream, and complete real-time analysis of pedestrian head, body and limbs. The tracking and analysis of the same person's action trajectory in the video stream can be widely used in retail, security and other fields.

You are able to recognize the persons who appear, whether they are strangers or family members.

By looking at a list of faces entered into the camera over the past 30 days, you can see what's going on in the house at a glance and record the moments of children who are playing or sitting.

You can receive notifications with the pictures of your children at the first time, and easily have a voice call with your children.