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Blurams Secure Subscription Plans

Know Everything, Just in Seconds

Blurams cloud storage is a service that saves videos uploaded by devices in the cloud. You can easily view
the past videos and find out the videos in a specific time (up to 1 month). You can access your cloud
video history via Blurams App or web page anytime and anywhere.

Faster Streaming,
No Time Delay

You can enjoy smooth live streaming videos via
Blurams App in real time. And get instant push
notifications when your kids get home from school,
see what your furry friends up to, and know who is
at your door.

Save & Share Your Fun

Miss important moments? Don't worry. Blurams cloud enables you to save past video clips and share them with your friends and family.

Hack-proof design keeps data safely secure

Based on the AWS cloud service, we have local computer rooms deployed in the world and the data is stored locally. Adopt bank-level AES256 security encryption technology to ensure your data is only for your eyes.

App multi-factor authentication to protect your data

We have designed multiple log-in ways, including fingerprints, face recognition login, password, furthermore, you can log in with your Facebook account or Apple ID.

Data transmission is unprecedentedly fast

Global-distributed cloud systems, covering over 30 countries with more than 10 data centers, and 50+ regional nodes. You will enjoy an extremely fast connection and low latency experience.

Record Things That Matter to You

Motion-triggered videos will be uploaded and safely stored in the Blurams Cloud. No worries about missing anything vital, even if your device is gone, you'll still have the access to the past videos stored in your cloud.


How do I use the activation code?

Tap the “” icon of the device on the [Device] page and enter the [Cloud Service] page. Find the [Pay by activation code].

If the device isn’t associated with any plan, the code will take effect immediately ;

if the device is associated with a plan which is not automatically renewed, the code will take effect after the current plan expires;

If the device is associated with a plan which is automatically renewed, you cannot use a code until you disassociate it from this plan or you cancel your auto-renewal subscription. Please enter the web client to cancel the auto-renew Cloud Service plan.

Does a cloud service cover multiple cameras?

One Cloud Service can be transferred to different devices as needed, but it is limited to one device at a given time.

If you need to use the cloud on multiple devices under one account simultaneously, you need to subscribe to Cloud Services for each camera.

Can I transfer a cloud service plan from one camera to another?

Go to [Me] -> [My Cloud Service] in which you can associate or disassociate a service plan with a device.

Please note that we do not support the transfer of plans between devices in the following two situations:

You are using a free trial Cloud Service planThe devices are under different accounts

Is a subscription to a Cloud Service plan refundable?

Cloud Service is a type of virtual service and can’t be terminated once activated. Our Cloud Service plans cannot be refunded or exchanged after subscribing. If any problem occurs while using Cloud Services, please email

If you want to cancel the auto-renew cloud service plan, please refer to the below article to cancel it.

How can I cancel an auto-renewal cloud service?

How is the Cloud Service activated?

The service is activated immediately after subscription (if the device is currently associated with a plan, the new plan will be activated after your current plan expires).

What does “Cloud storage time” mean?

You can add special or interesting event videos to your favorites. These videos will be stored in the cloud. Theclip video length means the amount of time that an event took place. 

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