Blurams Home Pro Security Camera 2K-A10C
Blurams Home Pro Security Camera 2K-A10C
Blurams Home Pro Security Camera 2K-A10C
Blurams Home Pro Security Camera 2K-A10C
Blurams Home Pro Security Camera 2K-A10C
Blurams Home Pro Security Camera 2K-A10C
Blurams Home Pro Security Camera 2K-A10C
Blurams Home Pro Security Camera 2K-A10C
Blurams Home Pro Security Camera 2K-A10C
Blurams Home Pro Security Camera 2K-A10C
Blurams Home Pro Security Camera 2K-A10C

Blurams Home Pro Security Camera 2K-A10C

Mini-bodied cam, offer the most flexible security ways.
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  • Free lifetime 24-hour cloud storage
  • 18-Month Warranty
  • Cloud/Local SD Card Storage
  • 2K Clearer Live Streaming
  • Human Detection & Facial Recognition
  • Baby Care & Pet Monitor
  • Customized Privacy Protection Zone

Rich Color, Extra Clear

Blurams A10C Home Pro watch your furry friends day and night and get an instant alert when your baby cries.

Not missing any naughty moments!

3MP High Resolution
4X Digital Zoom
Brighter Night Vision
The World Is in
Your Hand

Unique round joint design, you can manually rotate
the facial recognition security camera to any angle
you want and keep an eye on a specific place.

Only Show The Spot You Want

Smart and convenient, set a privacy zone to blacken the specific
place that you don't want to record with the Blurams A10C Indoor Camera.

Need More Privacy?

Here you go! To fully meet user's needs
the two way talk camera's lens can be
covered and will not record anything.

See All Things at One Time

View live streaming of 4 Blurams A10C cameras at the same time, quite
convenient and efficient.

Blurams A10C Cameras
Deserve Simpler &
Smarter Lifestyle

The face detection security camera will send an instant alert
to your phone and notify you that there might be dangers at
your home. You can manually activates the siren of the 2 way
talk security camera to warn off strangers.

Hang It or Stick It, You Choose

Place the A10C 2 way talk camera on the table or stick it on the wall, choose either way you like to get the best view.

A10C 2 Way Talk Camera
Don't Miss A Thing!
Store All Cherished

Motion-triggered videos will be uploaded to the cloud or stored on the SD card. You can view what you've missed from anywhere and anytime via Blurams App. Get a free 7-day loop for a one-month trial.

Gallery & Specs

Download as PDF
Video & Audio
Image Sensor
1/2.7″ 3.4mm 2MP CMOS Sensor
Video Streams
Video Coding
H.265 / H.264
Viewing Angle
131° wide angle
Image/Video Enhancing
4X digital zoom
Two-Way Audio Hands-free 100 db alarm supported
PIR Detection & Alerts
Alert Information
Sound/Motion/Human Detection
3G/4G Bandwidth
Wireless Standards
IEEE 802.11b/g/n
IPsec Protocols
Power Supply
Power Supply
DC 5V/1A 2 Meter Micro USB
Local Storage
Up to 128GB Micro SD
Cloud Storage
Comes with a lifetime free 24-hour cloud storage of event video history and one month Cloud trail that supports view the 7 days 24/7 video history during this three months.


Alexa cannot discover or connect to the camera

Here are some steps to try if your Amazon device is having trouble discovering the security camera:

1, Ensure the devices is the newest firmware, click here to see how to update the firmware online.

2, Ensure your Alexa devices’ firmware is also up to date. Click this link to check with Amazon customer support. 

3, Ensure that you authorized the correct Blurams account to your Amazon Alexa account.

4, Disable, and re-enable the Blurams skill.

5, Ensure the device is online and the network is fine.

6, For additional troubleshooting, click here to refer to Amazon Alexa support.

Apple Siri set up guide

If you want to voice command the device, like turn on/ turn off/ show the live stream, please try to enter the Blurams app [Discover]>- [Siri Shortcuts].

Prerequisites for use:
1. Siri voice control function only supports iOS12 and above systems;
2. Only supports English and Simplified Chinese;
3. The shared device does not support adding shortcut commands.

Steps for usage:
1. Open the app and click the Discover button in the bottom navigation bar to enter the discovery page
2. Click Siri Shortcuts to enter a new page. Each device supports 3 commands individually.

The three commands are defined as follows:
1) Show the camera: call up the blurams APP, jump to the playback page to play the real-time video of the corresponding camera.
2) Turn on the camera: without manually open the blurams App, directly open the corresponding camera automatically.
3) Turn off the camera: without the user manually opening the blurams App, the corresponding camera is automatically turned off directly.

3. Click the "+" sign on the right side of each command to call up and add it to the Siri page. The default shortcut name is the name of the list, which can be modified by the user;
4. After the instruction is added to Siri, the Siri voice command is displayed on the second line of the list, and the plus sign on the right side of the list becomes an arrow to the right. The user can click the list option to re-start edit;
5. After the command is successfully added, Siri is invoked, and the user reads the set voice command to perform the corresponding operation.

How to change the language of app?

If you want to change the language of Blurams app, please enter the[Me]>- [Preferences] "” >- [Language], select the language you needed.

How many cameras can be set up on the Blurams app?

The Blurams app is only compatible with Blurams Cameras. There is no limit to the number of Blurams products/Cameras that can be set up or shared in the Blurams app.

My device is not working/ defective

If the security camera is not working or defective, please try to basically troubleshoot the issue by determining the status of the indicator.

The indicator light is on

If the device indicator light is on, it means the power adapter and the power cord is fine, please try to press the set button about 10-20s until see the red light flashing, then please try to reset up the device.

If the device indicator light is solid green or solid red light, please contact the for advice.

The indicator light is off

If the device indicator is off, please try to make sure the power supply is normal and please try to use the original power adapter and power cord, If the device still can't power please note the power adapter minimum output is 5V/1A (A21C: 5V/2A), if the device indicator is on using another power adapter and power cable, it should be the defective power adapter and cord. If the device still can't show the indicator lights. Please contact the for advice.


Also, Please provide the following information to us, our support team will reply to you within 24h:

- A screenshot or PDF of the invoice from your purchase (or a picture of the receipt if you bought it from a store)
- The MAC address of your camera. Step: Camera settings>Technical Info>MAC address.
- Your current shipping address
- Your blurams account (personal email address)

How to share my device(s) with others?

If your family or friends also need access to the device(s) under your account, you can do this the following ways:

Allow them to login with the same account

Tell your friend or family member to download the“blurams” app on their phone, and then let them log in with your account name and password so that they can see your devices.

By logging in this way, their privileges and permissions are the same as yours, including privileges such as deleting devices, turning off devices, downloading videos, etc. Before sharing your account with others, please make sure that you trust them with these privileges.

Share your device(s) with other accounts

If you don't want to share your account directly with family or friends, then you can share a specified device with your family or friends through the device sharing option.

Your friend or a family member needs to have registered a new account on the “blurams” APP. To find the device sharing option, on your own account, enter the device live page, tap the button in the upper right corner of the page, and then go to Preferences-> Device Sharing-> Invite Family. Enter his/her blurams account. The device will be directly displayed in the device list of the account of your friend/family member.

In this way, your family member or friend only has access to basic functions (the ones you allowed), such as real-time video, voice intercom, screenshots, historical videos. He (she) cannot modify device settings.


model Dome Camera 2k Outdoor Pro Camera Home Pro Camera Outdoor Camera 2K
Video 2K Resolution, 109° FOV 1080p FHD, 129° FOV 2K Resolution, 131° FOV 2K Resolution, 104° FOV
Smart Detection Motion Tracking/Human/Motion/Sound Detection Facial Recognition, Human/Motion/Sound Detection Facial Recognition, Human/Motion/Sound Detection Human/Motion/Sound Detection
Smart Alerts Human/Motion/Sound Alert (finding the right footage easier) Human/Motion/Sound Alert (Categorizing your videos on Cloud, finding the right footage easier) Human/Motion/Sound Alert (finding the right footage easier) Human/Motion/Sound Alert (finding the right footage easier)
Microphone/ Speaker Two-Way Audio, 3D Noise Reduction wo-Way Audio, 3D Noise Reduction Two-Way Audio, 3D Noise Reduction Two-Way Audio, 3D Noise Reduction
Privacy Mode Scroll up the lens goes under the cover Choose a zone to blur entirely Choose a zone to blur entirely Choose a zone to blur entirely
Infrared Night Vision 8 LED beads with IR-cut, range up to 22 ft range (Non-invasive, perfect for baby monitor) 2 high-power infrared LEDs with IR cut filter & Super LoLux & SONY CMOS Sensor 6 LED beads with IR-cut, range up to 22 ft range (Non-invasive, perfect for baby monitor) 18*high-power infrared LEDs with IR-cut, range up to 45ft
Average Install Time 1-3 minutes 5-8 minutes 1-3 minutes 5-8 minutes
Storage Options Cloud & MicroSD card Cloud & MicroSD card Cloud & MicroSD card Cloud & MicroSD card
Supported App Mobile: App for Android or iOS PC: Web App (Viewing 4 cameras simultaneously Mobile: App for Android or iOS PC: Web App (Viewing 4 cameras simultaneously) Mobile: App for Android or iOS PC: Web App (Viewing 4 cameras simultaneously) Mobile: App for Android or iOS PC: Web App (Viewing 4 cameras simultaneously)
Works with Alexa & Google Assistant & IFTTT & Siri

Customer Reviews

Based on 446 reviews
Margarete Price
Works great

We have these in our kitchen and our living room. Keeps people honest, the streaming service that blurams gives you isn't pricey. They even sent me a free camera for signing up for the streaming. So much higher quality than the little chinese jobys we had up intially.

Brenna Thiel
Great Security Camera

It's a great security camera at a good price. I used it monitor the parking lot in front of my apartment. I placed it on the window sill and angled it down. The picture quality is great, along with the FOV. Using the app was very intuitive. I like how you can share the camera feed with family members. I used a microSD card in mine and had it constantly record and save the footage. Scrolling through the past footage is really easy and I'd say it loads pretty fast. I didn't care for the cloud/subscription stuff.

Ken Rusiimwa
Didnt last

It was always buffering, I am not sure if my internet is not as high speed as it should be. Every other device on wifi runs great except for this device.It only lasted 2 months before it broke down.Image is decent, cant complain about that.

Oleta Gleason
So far... satisfied / De momento satisfecha

Creo que lleva unos segundos largos de diferencia, verificar el internet... No soporta WiFi 5GPero de momento todo bien. El audio 2way sper!Buena calidad de imagen.I think it takes a few long seconds of difference, I will check the internet... It does not support 5G WiFiBut for now all good. Super 2way audio!Good image quality.

Marcelina Lakin
Works right out of the box!

Easy set up!

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