Why Do You Need to Have the Best Camera in Living Room?

It is a common thing now that both husband and wife go to work in the morning, and you leave your baby with the maid at home. Hence, keeping an eye all the time in your living room will be crucial.

With the best camera in living room, it will be easily possible to do the same. However, when you are purchasing a security camera, you should remain assured about its quality of the same.


What you should check:

There are certain features that you should check when you are purchasing any of the security cameras from the market.

  • Storage facility is an important thing that you will want to check for the security camera. Both SD card local storage and cloud should be available. It will assist you to check any activity that happened in your living room that is recorded.
  • The picture quality of the live-streaming of the security camera will also be very much important. You may see your baby through the security camera when you are at your workplace. Getting a clear view is surely going to be essential.
  • Installation of the security camera will be an important issue. You should check whether the security camera can be installed in both ways, sticking with the wall and hanging from the wall so that you can get the best view of all the corners of your home easily.
  • The features like facial recognition and human detection should be available with the security camera so that you can remain a hundred percent assured about the security of your home.
  • You should be able to customize the privacy zones in your camera, that you may not want to record.
  • Havinga high resolution, bright night vision and better zoom will also be on your wish list.


Getting the best design for the camera in living room:

Getting the best design for the security camera you are purchasing will be very important. Having the round joint design will help you to get the full view of your home easily, which will help you in rotating your camera at whatever angle you want. Hence, it will be easier for you to have a view of every single corner of the room quite easily. If you want to get the view of any specific space at home when you use 2k cameras, you can just move the camera angle towards that place and adjust the view by increasing or decreasing the zoom. In a word,  you will have a clear view for sure.


Having the other facilities:

You may have set up four separate cameras in your living room. So, it will be necessary for you to check the streaming of all the cameras you have installed at home. If you purchase a quality security camera in Blurams security camera online store, you will be able to view the streaming of four separate cameras at the same point in time.

As the camera has face detection, if any stranger enters your place, you will get an instant alert of the same in your phone connected with the security camera. In case you want, you can trigger the siren at home, and it will make the stranger aware that you have already come to know about his presence. Maintaining the best security of your home is a very important thing.

If you put the best camera in living room, you will be able to record all the amazing moments of your kids doing different activities at home. You can cherish the same once you come back from your workplace.

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